Almost thought..

June 25 2024 2am

I almost thought i was Going to have to re do the site when i made all my sites backups I didn't think i had uploaded loveacid and my heart jumped like omg im going to have to start all over with this website. Wow that was a close call. I finally found it and i feel alot better. I do plan to move some things around and edit links. Cause the links are always changing and its a butt having to change them every month. But we got two new hostees. Which in a couple of days i will get to editing the links and add those two people. Prices of Domains change everyday. Packages are not set up just yet so thats another thing i have to work on. I Gotta see what else i need to do. Prices of packge may go up. Its getting pretty pricey. Um i think that pretty much sums up with i need to do. But its getting pretty late so im off to bed. talk soon!!

Whats new?

June 6th 2024

Just letting you know that i am Active. Ive Emailed some people about hosting back. Sorry if i got to you late. Also if you Move please let me know. That way it doesnt get wasted and someone could be using The space. Or if you are leaving Just Please ask me to delete your stuff and it will be done with in 24 hours. How ever i am around sorry i been busy with life. I got so many Animals that has put me in a busy day with them. But im coming back. Please catch me on Discord the link is under affies on the footer. I hope to hear from you. Sorry for getting back so late.. <3

Hosting Made Just For You

Welcome to! I am always online to help you the best i can with one of the Packages and or custom made and to answer any of your questions you might have. I will answer anything or set you up with in 24 hours. There is 24/7 Support. I offer affordable and Quality Hosting. Come join me today!


Prices Veries every month. One month it could be $7.99 and other months it goes up to $15. So contact me on discord so we can get you the right price. Prices for the domains are Yearly. You are responsable for every year. You also get free hosting if you want and or you can get a monthly plan. Which ever you are happy with. Thanks for looking!

Want to be hosted? - 01-07-2024

You can now Text me for hosting if you are interstead in getting to me faster or you can sent me a messages at and can sent me a message on messenger google. Trying to find more ways for you to get a hold of me for help, or creating a subdomain or domain for you. I will answer right away through text messages and email. Im still hosting here and