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Welcome to! I am always online to help you the best i can with one of the Pacages and or custom made and to answer any of your questions you might have. I will answer anything or set you up with in 24 hours. There is 24/7 Support. I offer affordable and Quality Hosting. Come join me today!


.NET: $10.98/year
.COM: 5:98/yr
.ORG: 8.98/yr
For any other domains ask for prices

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2/23/2022 - 11:42pm - Listing to Music If you need to make any kind of Custom Package we do those to. Im going to start selling some Packages like reseller packages so that will be coming soon. Let's see Prices are going to change because prices are going up. So i try to sell the best Package deal i can give you. I know back in the day when Packages where like $10 a month. I may Start putting some little adds here and there on ebay so that i can atleast try to get some people set up for domains and set up more packages. Just remember that if your getting a Free Package deal it cost me more money for free ones but im nice enough to help in the price. Sub domains can only be through FTP program and its easy to upload stuff. I can no longer offer you cpanel under a sub domain because it cost me alot of money. So when you get a package deal at a great price you are also helping me pay my bill as well. The money will only go towards cpanels and the bill. Nothing else. Im not here to make money im here to make anyone like a family member to join my team on to be hosted at a price you can afford and the best place to be at.. Well the best i can offer you. not only are you getting a place to feel like home but im also not going anywhere for a long time. I'll be like 80 and still webdesign lol. Or that i can give you a space where your site wont go anywhere. I do how ever want you to read the rules before you sign up and everything is done manually so that i make sure everything is set up right.. If you have any questions just email me at:
You can also use this email to buy Packages and i'll get the email right away!!